Exceptional Customer Service


Exceptional Customer Service

When the going’s tough, companies that survive will be those that build the greatest loyalty by exceeding expectations. Yet, too often, companies ignore their customers needs and wants. Today, industries like airlines, retail businesses, and restaurants are feeling consumer push-back.



With new, updated examples from more than fifty companies; from Chik-Fil-A restaurants to the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain to online retailer Zappos.com, this book shows managers how to go from so-so service to amazing service.

In today’s market, customer service is a key competitive advantage. This book shows you how to expand your customer base when the industry is shrinking, use new media to reach consumers, and make a lasting, great impression on customers.

When businesses are fighting to survive, creating a great experience for customers isn’t just important it’s essential.

Exceed Customer Expectations to Build Loyalty and Boost Profits.

  • Deliver personalized customer service
  • Learn what customers not only expect…but really want
  • Phone skills are a must for the call center — large and small
  • Tackle the steps for dealing with challenging customers
  • Self-guided exercises let you structure your own training program
  • Know the importance of first and last (lasting) impressions
  • Understand how technology can be your friend or your foe


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